The Concert at The End of The Universe

Some thoughts on The Diplomat.

I really need to play Alan Wake and the second game before I comment on either, but I did play Control so like…

Anyway, I was listening to “Herald of Darkness” today, and it got me thinking some more about the kinds of themes I want in ALR and The Diplomat’s story. A theme that often comes to mind with The Diplomat is music. It is some sort of Great Conductor inducting members from all intelligent species that ever lived into its band.

I’ve imagined The Diplomat as a being that holds together the Universe with its Song. Eventually that song will end, and when it does, it should be spectacular. With members throughout the life of the universe, it would be able to put on the ultimate…

Concert at The End of The Universe

From what little I know about Alan Wake (intentional until I play) and what I definitely know about Control, places like the Astral Plane and other “mindscapes” is always a fun idea. The Diplomat already speaks to ALR in dreams and… I’m not sure where I’m going with this. Frankly, litter is just a place for me to jot down ideas in a semi-public place so that maybe someone can read them and know what I was thinking. Iif something happened to me, God forbid, knock-on-wood, or more likely I just forget, at least I said it. I really do need to just try writing down a story, it would help with getting more sick commissioned art to have a plot.

But yeah, I really want to make a story with good music, not that I know how to make it, but it’s something in mind. Herald is a really enjoyable song to listen to, and I like the mystery it has, as someone who hasn’t played. I love the way Control names things and so a character being called something like “Mr. Door” definitely makes me curious to play and learn.

It would be funny if I never wrote an actual story and instead just made an album, and the lyrics told ALR’s story. But I can’t do that on whim. It would require learning more about music, and I’d love to, but I need the time and direction. I know programming well, taught myself almost everything I know, but I was younger and more patient. It’s also my job, so I get the chance to practice every day and get better.

Also, I need to think more about the transformations caused by The Diplomat. I initially imaged everyone being made to look like it does. However, it might be more fun to have different alien designs and have Converts be similar to their original species, but still have signature Diplomat-species designs like the rounded-hollows, spikes, grooves, and rock-like skin. I know originally the purpose of the transformation was to both grant immortality/powers to people, but it’s also supposed to have a good trans-humanism story tie, some body-horror, and (at least for me) maybe be cool.

It might be clear that I don’t proofread these, but I don’t care (I do).

If the joy of singing in the car is any indicator to me, I think practicing actual singing would be a lot of fun and necessary for any songs I would need to make. It is going to take me a while to figure out a voice for ALR and The Diplomat that I’m truly happy with. I’ve heard too many OC voices that make me want to cringe, and as I say this I do realize I highly-likely need an actual voice actors/singers for them, but I am jumping the gun way too fast.

For now, let me just end by saying that music is an integral part of The Diplomat, literally.