Siprien considers the fight ahead with Mother Hemlock.

Synthetica by Metric


Some of us are wild ones The party

Ever under wanted, I believe Forced to the Outlands

Lining up in the background Nobodies

Waiting for the crowd shot to be seen Time to make ourselves known

In the shadow of the big screen Too known

Everybody begs to be redeemed We all have something in our past

Hey, I’m not synthetica I am more than a construct of wood and metal, I am a man

I’ll keep the life that I’ve got My past has been troubled, but I’ve redeemed myself The new family I’ve made on this journey was enough

We were never meant to Tricked by Hemlock

Crawl in for the bait Our party was forced to sign the contract

We never will It will never be completed

I can think for myself Hemlock’s contract can’t stop me I did what I could to end it for the others

I’ve got something no pill could ever kill My might My love for my family that Hemlock will never understand

Hey, I’m not synthetica Hey, I’m my own person

I’ll keep the life that I’ve got I lost my family but found a new one to love Fondly remembered will be the time we spent together

So hard, hard to resist synthetica Self-preservation

No drug is stronger than me A level 6 fighter with 16 Strength, 14 Con, and 55 max HP

We’re all the time confined to fit the mold I finally became the fighter I was meant to be I’m scared despite all my armor

But I won’t ever let them make a loser of my soul I may have failed before, but this is my redemption In my Last Stand I finished what was started, and nobody can ever doubt that

Hey, I’m not synthetica I was never a fraud I was more than a construct

I’ll keep the life that I’ve got The Strovoss

I’ll keep the life that I’ve got Daughter Reya

I’ll keep the life that I’ve got Me

I’ll keep the life that I’ve got Morgan’s Magicians